The Catholic University of America

CUA/Stonehill College Accelerated MA Program

This program allows exceptional Stonehill College students with a major in politics to earn CUA’s Master of Arts in Congressional and Presidential Studies (CPOL CAPS) or CUA’s Master’s of Arts in International Affairs (CPOL MAIA) in one year after graduation from Stonehill.

Stonehill seniors will apply for the program in the fall of their senior year by submitting an application to CUA for this program. Suitable Stonehill students will be given provisional acceptance to the CUA MA program. During the fall of the senior year, students will enroll in Stonehill’s “Gateway Seminar in American Government” which will be co-listed with CUA. Successful completion of this course will allow the future transfer of three credits to the CAPS or MAIA program.

In the spring, the Stonehill seniors will intern in Washington earning six credits; additionally the Stonehill students will be enrolled in two CAPS or MAIA courses in the evenings for an additional six credits. Stonehill will allow all twelve credits earned through CPOL to count toward the BA at Stonehill.

Following graduation from Stonehill, the CUA provisional acceptance will be amended to full acceptance into the CUA MA program provided all admission requirements are met. At the time of Stonehill graduation, students will have accumulated 15 credits applicable to CUA’s Master of Arts CAPS or MAIA degree. In the summer or fall following Stonehill graduation, students will commence earning the remaining 15 CUA credits – a total of five courses. As for all graduate students, completion of the CUA MA will entail successful completion of the comprehensive examination, the submission of two acceptable seminar papers, and for the MAIA a language requirement.